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friends_watch's Journal

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Friends is now over. It's been ten years of tears, fun, but most of all hilarious antics. We'll never forget That Time Monica Wore A Chicken On Her Head, or When Phoebe First Sung "Smelly Cat", but sadly it is time to move on.

The purpose of this community is to keep updated about news of all the cast and crew of Friends (yes, including Gunther and Janice ^.^). Hopefully with lots of community participation we can bring you all the news on the cast; their new projects, their recent appearances, new photoshoots, rumors, interviews etc.

We hope all of you who join will find us useful, and participate!


1. No flaming.
2. Troll posts will be deleted.
3. No "Off Topic" posts. (e.g. no icons, or far-fetched questions)

By the way, check out friends_icons for cool LJ icons to use.
And go see centralperk for random and diverse friends talk!